David Mach
Arthur Watson
Kate Whiteford

SCOTLAND at the VENICE BIENNALE 1990: Tre Scultori Scozzesi.

At the invitation of the Biennale director Giovanni Carandente, three sculptors, David Mach, Arthur Watson & Kate Whiteford were given prominent place at the heart of the Giardini, across a large open air site right at the Biennale entrance. Tre Scultori Scozzesi were impossible to miss and made a unforgettable impression.

Photographs capture the scale and ambition of Whiteford’s 10×20 metre land drawing, Sitelines, Mach’s 5 giant steel bonsai trees and Watson’s sunburst sail pyramid. As the official 1990 Biennale catalogue said, “All 3 found a way of taking the Scottish landscape tradition off the gallery walls, and into the contemporary public arena, a move totally in tune with the new spirit of excitement generated by Scotland’s recent international success in all the visual arts; a success reflected in this unprecedented Biennale exhibition.”

This participation, Scotland at the Venice Biennale 1990, Tre Scultori Scozzesi, from an original idea by Richard Demarco, was carried out on a tiny budget by Barbara Grigor, (1944-1994), chairman of the Scottish Sculpture Trust, plus Angela Wrapson and selector curator Clare Henry. Funding from the Henry Moore Foundation and the British Council made the event possible.

Scotland at the Venice Biennale 1990 was a critical and artistic success, deemed “thoughtful and serious” “a Venice triumph for Scots sculptors” and set a precedent for future Scottish exhibitions in the official Venice Biennale.  

Clare Henry, 2015

David Mach and crane, installation in progress, Scotland at the Venice Biennale 1990, Tre Scultori Scozzesi.

David Mach

Kate Whiteford, David Mach, Arthur Watson; 1990.

Arthur Watson

Kate Whiteford, 'Site Lines' and David Mach, 'Softening the Hardened Hearts of Men', Scotland at the Venice Biennale 1990: Tre Scultori Scozzesi.

Kate Whiteford


Title Scotland at the Venice Biennale 1990: Tre Scultori Scozzesi
Curated by Richard Demarco, Barbara Grigor, Angela Wrapson, Clare Henry