Become a Partner

Scotland + Venice works in partnership with universities, colleges and organisations throughout Scotland to fund and support students, graduates and early year professionals to participate in the Professional Development Programme (PDP) and live and work for a minimum of one month at the Venice Biennale. Participants engage with the curatorial team, receive training around the work and venue and supervise the exhibitions whilst accessing the wealth of international exhibitions. They are also given time to dedicate to academic or practice-based research. In the past, participation has led to jobs, placements and delivered many exciting collaborations and research outcomes.

The benefits for partners include:

  • The opportunity to become active participants in Scotland + Venice and at the Scottish venue in the Architecture or Art Biennales with increased profile through Comms and marketing initiatives
  • The chance to send some of their brightest students and practitioners on a unique professional development experience
  • The possibility of embedding the opportunity in the curriculum or targeting specific students or courses
  • Developing specific research objectives around this international opportunity and the Biennale themes.
  • The potential to use the Scottish venue for tours or events to raise profile and generate international relationships and opportunities.
  • Furthering connections through our vast international network of creative organisations and individuals.

In the past, participation by students has led to jobs, placements and delivered many exciting collaborations and research. Many of the programme’s alumni have gone on to develop careers in the creative sector and previous participants have reported overwhelmingly positive experiences of their involvement with Scotland+ Venice.

The benefits for students include:

  • Professional training, advance previews of the work, access to the creative team ahead of the Venice Biennale and opportunities to present their experiences through research, blog writing, social media and talks.
  • The opportunity to raise confidence, aspiration and ambition in the participants, giving them the chance to experience a highly creative environment, steeped in history and culture.
  • Time to dedicate to academic or practice-based research. Participants are encouraged to respond to the experience creatively by producing research/film/written/drawn artworks inspired by their month-long stay. Other outputs could include an online diary/ blog including images, personal accounts and exhibition reviews.
  • Developing professional networks leading to future creative exchange and mutual learning
  • Experience of being immersed in the Venice Biennale context while developing an understanding of the work of many of the leading figures in the international contemporary art world.
  • Developing communication and interpersonal skills by being the first point of contact for visitors and providing interpretation of the work to a vast international audience.
  • Developing skills and confidence while working in a fast-paced public facing creative environment.
  • Experience of facilitating high profile events on the international stage.

Experiencing exhibitions on such a scale and working and living in that environment was a fantastic and life changing experience.  – Polly Johnston, 2015 participant, Glasgow School of Art

Please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities: [email protected]