a rhythm’s reflection

It’s a cliche isn’t it,
when you warn a preholidayer/traveller
‘the time will just run away from you’
and of course, its true.
but amplified tenfold in the arena of the venice biennale.
the pace is quicker, darker, and sweeter somehow.

it makes a perpetual backdrumming
bumbuuum bumbuuum bumbuuum bumbuuum
that you cannot ignore.
the art drums hard and fast, with little to no chance for escape.
the topic of our discussions: time.
we don’t ever have enough.
affecting exhibitions ripe amongst
backdrops fit for films.

where is the space to reflect on what you witness?
badum badum badum badum
stronger than a heartbeat softer than thunder.
you keep moving along,
aware but helpless against the pace,
the movement,
the long vibrato hummmmmmming

and then,
a plane home. the humming subsides.
where did the time go.