Scotland + Venice 2005 for the 50th International Art Exhibition

12 June – 6 November 2005

Selective Memory

Glasgow-based artists, Alex Pollard, Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan and Cathy Wilkes were chosen to represent Scotland at the 2005 event in an exhibition entitled Selective Memory. In the exhibition, curators Jason E Bowman and Rachel Bradley explored the notion of artistic labour and the process of making art.

Alex Pollard’s work focuses on systems of communication; his exhibition will develop his recent work using cut-up and customised antique articulated rulers, transforming them to create objects that form structures and ways of communicating with the viewer.

Cathy Wilkes’ work is informed by feminism; she produces sculpture, paints and writes as well as creating detailed installations that combine each of these elements.

Tatham & O’Sullivan’s work for Scotland + Venice 2005 entitled ‘A routine sequence of external actions’, was a choreography of sculptures and motifs that exist both within and outside the exhibition space including a mischievous outdoor piece adjacent to the Giardini.

Exhibition Dates

June 12 2005 to November 6 2005