25 October 2023 — Writing

Found in Translation: Architecture, Land, Landscape, Language

by Architecture and Design Scotland

A group of people sit and listen to a woman reading from a sheet of paper.
Photo credit: Robb Mcrae.

The Scotland + Venice | Found in Translation: Architecture, Land, Landscape, Language event on 14 October brought together presentations from the Austrian Pavilion, Orizzontale (from Rome, exhibiting within the Arsenale), Dualchas, A Fragile Correspondence, the Lithuanian Pavilion and Scottish author Cal Flyn. In this piece, Architecture and Design Scotland’s Director of Outreach Lynne Lineen reflects on the event.

The event was a part of the public programme supporting A Fragile Correspondence, created by the Architecture Fringe,-ism magazine and /other. The theme of The Laboratory of the Future from Ghanaian-Scottish architect Lesley Lokko inspired different responses from different countries and contributors.

Each contribution was insightful, thought-provoking and unique, yet common threads connected the presentations, with the need for good design, and putting people, place, landscape, language and culture at the heart of place-making, regardless of where it is in the world.

The challenges facing countries and communities around the world are as similar as they are different. The need to put climate and environment at the heart of all decision-making, and to find ways to intertwine heritage and history with innovative thinking and talented young voices must be grasped.

The complexities and layers of the challenge cannot be ignored. The urgency of the challenge demands working in collaboration and sharing knowledge and ideas.  Everyone has a voice and can contribute to a positive future.  We have to appreciate the urgency to act now.  In the words of Cal Flyn, who had everyone mesmerised with her wonderful reading within the Lithuanian Pavilion during the event:

“Time is, after all, the great healer. The question is: How long does it need? Then, how long have we got? It may not be long”.