Corin Sworn
Duncan Campbell
Hayley Tompkins

1 June — 24 November 2013
Palazzo Pisani

Scotland + Venice 2013 is an exhibition of new works by Corin Sworn, Duncan Campbell and Hayley Tompkins, three of the most consistently interesting artists working in Scotland today, presented by
The Common Guild in the Palazzo Pisani (S. Marina).

Corin Sworn

Corin Sworn creates installations that explore the ways objects can circulate stories and histories. Often combining images with spoken narrative, her work examines the cultural and personal significance attributed to things and how they in turn narrate us as social subjects.

Duncan Campbell

Duncan Campbell produces films that look at representations of the people and events at the heart of very particular histories. Combining archive material with his own footage, his work questions the authority, integrity and intentions of the information presented.

Hayley Tompkins

Hayley Tompkins makes painted objects that transform familiar, commonplace things – such as knives, hammers, mobile phones or furniture. Her work articulates the relationship between the form, feel and function of an object.


Curated by The Common Guild
Producer Katie Nicoll
Design Graphical House
Returned to Scotland Each of the artist’s new commissions were shown at The Common Guild