20 October 2022 — News

A creative team consisting of the Architecture Fringe, ism and /other has been invited to prepare a project for the International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia in 2023

Representatives of Architecture Fringe, ism magazine and slash other stand in a high ceilinged, light filled room
Team image by Matthew Arthur Williams The creative team – from left to right: Amy McEwan, Aoife Nolan, Carl Jonsson, Neil McGuire, Mia Pinder-Hussein, Kristina Enberg, Alissar Riachi, Alyesha Choudhury and Andy Summers. Representing each collective is: Neil McGuire and Andy Summers for the Architecture Fringe, Kristina Enberg, Amy McEwan, Aoife Nolan, Alissar Riachi for ism magazine, and Alyesha Choudhury, Carl C.Z. Jonsson and Mia Pinder-Hussein for /other (pronounced: slash other).

Commissioned by the Scotland + Venice Partnership The  Scotland + Venice partnership is delighted to announce it has commissioned a creative team consisting of the Architecture Fringe, ism and /other to develop new work. Read more

28 September 2022 — Communications and Digital contractor opportunities

Can you help us spread the word about Scotland + Venice 2023?

An image of people sitting outside the Scotland + Venice venue in Venice, alongside a canal

The Scotland + Venice partnership is in the process of commissioning a creative team to be put forward as a collateral event for the 18th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia in 2023. Read more

24 May 2022 — Writing

What if…?/Dundee – what happened next?

A group of people standing in a square in front of a low rise building
Citizens of Dundee working with Architects for What if…?/Scotland (Image by Lydia Smith)

Dundee did not appear on the original list of five geographical targets for the ‘What If…?/Scotland’ project. However, when the decision was taken to exhibit the results at the V&A Dundee (instead of the Venice Architecture Biennale, which had been the original, pre-covid, plan), the city was added as a sixth location. Read more

21 March 2022 — Writing

What if…?/Paisley – What happened next?

A group of 11 people stand in a line in front of a concrete building. The person on the left is in a wheelchair
The group of citizens, designers and architects who worked together in Paisley to explore how we will live today as part of as part of What if…?/Scotland. Image Courtesy of 7N

When the ‘What If…’ project arrived in Paisley, many of the conversations between citizens and architects focussed on the theme of gathering. “It’s very much in the DNA of the place to assemble,” says Stuart McMillan, Regeneration and Place Manager, Economy and Development, with Renfrewshire Council. Read more

22 February 2022 — What if

What if…?/Scotland event series – watch again

This event series was a collaboration between the Scotland + Venice partnership and V&A Dundee and curated in response to the What if..?/Scotland project. Produced by award winning Edinburgh based architecture and design practice 7N Architects, in partnership with Architecture & Design Scotland, What if…? Read more

22 February 2022 — Writing

What if…?/Annan – what happened next?

A group of people walk in a street holding pieces of paper. There is a red and black poster on a brick wall with the words Che Burns.
Annan Research (Photo by Bash Art Creative) including work of Beautiful Materials.

A LOT of water has passed down the river Annan since the Dumfriesshire town it gave its name to was a hub of Victorian commerce. Now, the relics of a more prosperous past can feel like a burden to a community thinking about regeneration. Read more

16 February 2022 — Writing

What if…?/Wester Hailes – what happened next?

Two people sit at a table sketching on a large piece of paper. There is a person with a video camera in the background, and a large map pinned to the wall.
Eunice Main, Wester Hailes and Ian Gilzean, Scotland’s Chief Architect, worked together in early 2020 to add their hopes, wishes and ideas for Wester Hailes to What if…?/Scotland (Image by 7N Architects)

WHEN the citizens of Wester Hailes were asked about their wishes for their community in ‘What If…? Scotland’, discussions frequently came back to the same building, a derelict petrol station opposite the main shopping centre. Read more

17 December 2021 — Writing

Reflections on What if …?/Scotland

A man holds a post card standing in a "cloud" of white cards suspended from strings in a dark room.
Eoin Maguire explores the Cloud of Dreams at V&A Dundee. Photo by Neil Hanna photography.

When the 2020 International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale was postponed until 2021, projects around the world were forced to go back to the drawing board, Susan Mansfield writes. In Scotland, the Scotland + Venice Partnership had commissioned the ‘What If…? Read more