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We are gathering information about the people and projects involved in the Learning Programmes which have accompanied previous Scotland + Venice presentations. If you were involved as an information assistant or artist and have images, weblinks and information we would love to hear from you.

Please email: [email protected]

Learning Post

Parallax 2011

A series of events including exhibitions by artists who were Information Assistants and Mentors during 2011 Scotland + Venice. Parallax had been established by four artists involved in the Scottish and Irish projects in Venice in 2009 as "as a platform for innovative dialogue, creative conversations and international collaborations" and was developed again in 2011 by members of the Scotland + Venice team. Read more

Learning Post

Visual Summary Tumblr Site

The Information Assistants who looked after the Karla Black exhibition in 2011 made a visual blog using photos. They were able to use the site to talk about their experiences in a de-brief with Creative Scotland. Read more

Learning Post

Venice Biennale Highlights, Hannah Imlach

Images of the most memorable exhibitions. From top left: 1. – 2. JAPAN, Tabaimo: teleco-soup 3. Anton Gizberg, At the Back of the North Wind 4. Christian Marclay, The Clock 5. TURKEY, Ayşe Erkmen, Plan B 6. Read more

Learning Post

Claudia de la Pena: Some Things Collected from Venice

A collection of images carefully assembled by Claudia de la Pena from her stay in Venice as one of the Information Assistants in 2011. Here’s a blog post from September 2011 showing memories and visual associations which appears on Claudia de la Pena’s personal blog… Read more

Learning Post

Hannah Imlach: Life as an Information Assistant

During my two month stay I became intimately acquainted with Karla Black’s Venetian sculptures... Hovering between energy and mass in the eight rooms of the Palazzo Pisani (S. Marina) is a solo exhibition of brand new ‘almost objects’ by the Scottish artist Karla Black. Read more