Jo McInnes Sarah Scanlan Holly Smith Kieran Milne Lise Olsen Tamara Richardson Kinga Elliott Arran Storey Alice Taylor Anna Danielewicz Troy Holmes Hannah Ustun Polly Johnston Robert Mills Stefano Pia Skaiste Klaniute Craig Lee Jenni Murison Julija Astasonoka Hester Grant Amanda Lightbody

Partner Organisations

City of Glasgow College Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design Dundee & Angus College Edinburgh College of Art Glasgow School of Art Gray’s School of Art Moray School of Art at University of the Highlands and Islands

For 2015 two additional colleges will be participating for the first time, Dundee & Angus College and Moray College. We will be selecting twenty one students and seven graduates from Hospitalfield’s Graduate Residency programme to make seven teams of four. From November 2015 a new element of this programme will unfold. The Loop Programme, devised by the participating students and graduates, will bring their experience back to their broader student community across Scotland.

Members of the Learning Team with Graham Fagen, L-R, Jo McInnes (CoGC), Polly Johnston (GSA), Stefano Pia (GSA), Graham Fagen, Robert Mills (GSA), Kieran Milne (DJCAD).

We are gathering information about the people and projects involved in the Learning Programmes which have accompanied previous Scotland + Venice presentations. If you were involved as an information assistant or artist and have images, web links and information we would love to hear from you.

Please email: [email protected]

Learning Post

Objects, Work and Tourism

Jimmie Durham at Palazzo Querini Stampalia 'A Woman in Germany gave me the piece of crocodile skin. There have been no crocodiles in Venice for a couple of million years, I guess.' Jimmie Durham- Objects, Work and Tourism Within Carlo Scarpas impressive, yet somewhat pedantic restoration of Fondazione Querini Stampalia sits Jimmie Durham's recent commission, Objects, Work and Tourism curated by Chiara Bertola. Read more

Learning Post

Jonas Mekas: The Internet Saga Exhibition at Burger King

Mekas is a Lithuanian video artist who chose to exhibit in the only Burger King in Venice. His videos are played via screens that typically show Burger King advertisements. These videos are footage that Mekas has been uploading on the internet since 2007. Read more

Learning Post

Space/light/peace: Tomba di Brion

October in Venice is considered a transitional month, just before the arrival of the cold Winters and with the arrival of the 'acqua alta' season, you witness the island slowly transform from the 'themeparkesque' persona it adopts for the duration of the Biennale to a more calm, normalised and slightly eerie version of Venice, more reminiscent of the Venice portrayed in the 1973 Nicolas Roeg film, "Dont Look Now". Read more

Learning Post

Slip of the Tongue

Slip of the tongue at Punta Della Dogana Slip of the Tongue, curated by artist Danh Vo in collaboration with Caroline Bourgeois uses the Pinault Collection to create a vast group exhibition that moves seamlessly through time, history and ideas. Read more

Learning Post

Trip to Verona

Yesterday morning we escaped Venice to head to Verona. Here is a little glimpse of our travels. Read more

Learning Post

Solargraphs of the Grand Canal

A memento of Venice, a record of my time Hi, This is Amanda from the June learning team. I wanted a little memento of Venice, a record of my time, and I thought solargraphs would be perfect. I put up a couple of pinhole cameras for the whole month on the balcony overlooking the Grand Canal. Read more

Learning Post

Regatta Day

Palazzo Fontana’s balconies were a prime spot on Sunday for cheering on those taking part in the regatta. It was our busiest day since being here, hosting people from around the world with iced water and coffee. Before the main events started there were childrens races and floats with bands playing right down the canal. […] Read more

Learning Post

Drifting Beyond the Lagoon

Unexpectitly she obtained a ticket from the Dutch pavilion for a boat trip, organised as a part of the Herman de Vries exhibition “to be all ways to be”. The exhibited artwork showed itself within the material of natural processes, phenomena and its relationship to human existence. Read more

Learning Post

Drawing the Biennale

Hi, this is Lydia from the June learning team. I'm back in Glasgow now, but whilst I was in Venice I saw an overwhelming number of excellent (and a few less excellent!) art shows. To help me record and reflect upon the work I had seen I began drawing what I remembered from each show. Read more

Learning Post

Australian Pizza Party

One of the perks of being part of the learning program (apart from living in Venice!), is the amount of people you meet in a similar situation to your own. Working as a part of the learning program for Scotland and Venice has been an invaluable opportunity for us all. Read more

Learning Post

Invigilators’ Breakfast Club

On Monday we opened up the doors of the Scotland+Venice apartment to the Invigilators' Breakfast Club, the weekly morning meet-up of invigilators from across the pavilions and collateral events of the Biennale. Read more

Learning Post

The Grande Canal

The water is impossibly green. Getting close to it and sitting on one of the many docks. You're effectively in the Grande Canal,  watching all the different boats go by, it's mesmerizing. Flooding Venice with life, the sun reflects on the emerald water. Read more

Learning Post

A Guide for Visitors to the Biennale

Canal view near Palazzo Fontana. Photo: Jo McInnes.

An annotated selection of exhibitions, food & drink establishments, trips and shopping tips that might be of interest to visitors at the Biennale. This guide has been compiled by the first invigilating team at Scotland + Venice 2015. Read more