Venice Biennale Highlights, Hannah Imlach

Images of the most memorable exhibitions.

From top left: 1. – 2. JAPAN, Tabaimo: teleco-soup 3. Anton Gizberg, At the Back of the North Wind 4. Christian Marclay, The Clock 5. TURKEY, Ayşe Erkmen, Plan B 6. LITHUANIA, Darius Mikšys, Behind the White Curtain 7. ISRAEL, Sigalit Landav, One Man’s Floor is another Man’s Feelings 8. James Turrell 9. PORTUGAL, Francisco Tropa, Scenario 10. Mabel Palacín, 180º 11. – 12. AUSTRIA, Markus Schwimwald 13. – 14. OMA Prada Transformer 15. AUSTRALIA, Hany Armanious, The Golden Thread.