20 April 2022 — Writing

deep dive (pause) uncoiling memory – accompanying writing

An illustration of a hand holding shells in front of a diamond pattern sits alongside a poem by Alberta Whittle, entitled Looking the snare in the eye. It says "I We are falling now. Falling through time, whirling. Dancing, Jack-knifing. And twisting until the chain pulls tight and I cannot breathe. Stop. Listen to your heart. I want you to know you are safe in my deep, even when you didn't dare hope that I would exist (some day), You are safe, even when you looked death in the eye. But now you are ashes beneath the soil, in the sand, in mud, with the worms that wringgle and eat and shit and fuck and WREAK! Retracing steps worn away by time, I look fo refuge in shorelines but find routes no longer open. Instead I see carcasses of wooden ships wreaked and spent on the horizon. Not welcome. No welcome here. Adorning myself in dazzle, I step into the water."
An excerpt from the publication by Alberta Whittle

deep dive (pause) uncoiling memory is an exhibition by artist Alberta Whittle commissioned on the occasion of the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, by the Scotland + Venice partnership.

In an installation of new work comprising tapestry, film and sculpture, and spanning two rooms in a former boatyard, Alberta encourages us to slow down, in order that we may collectively consider the historic legacies and contemporary expressions of racism, colonialism and migration, and begin to think outside of these damaging frameworks.

This publication is produced to accompany the exhibition and its related programme and brings together new writing by Eddie Chambers, Dr Cheryl Finley, Dr Nat Raha and Alberta Whittle to further investigate and reveal the ideas and concerns contained within Alberta’s practice and the work on display in the presentation.

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