9 November 2022 — Writing

Alice Rose Archer: Reflections on conservation

Alice Rose Archer crouches in front of a tapestry created for Alberta Whittle's 2022 exhibition in Venice - Image by Joe Satorius
Alice Rose Archer at work in front of the tapestry created as part of Alberta Whittle’s exhibition, deep dive (pause) uncoiling memory Image credit: Joe Satorius

Alice Rose Archer is a preventive conservator originally from the UK and has been based in Venice, Italy, for nearly a decade. After graduating from the University of St Andrews in History of Art and Italian, she moved to Venice and worked on numerous exhibitions as a production manager and curatorial coordinator. Read more

31 August 2022 — Writing

Three questions with Glasgow Sculpture Studios

Plans for the gates that form part of deep dive (pause) uncoiling memory

Image: Pause Fabrication Drawing. Courtesy GSS Fabrication. In this instalment of 'Three questions with...', we speak to Kirsty Hendry, Learning & Engagement Manager at Glasgow Sculpture Studios. Read more

2 August 2022 — Writing

Watch: Alberta Whittle takes us behind the scenes

Image: deep dive (pause) uncoiling memory, 2022 Installation Shot. Photographer Cristiano Corte, © Alberta Whittle. Courtesy the artist, Scotland+Venice

In this film, Alberta Whittle takes us behind the scenes of deep dive (pause) uncoiling memory, exploring the themes and providing insights into her process. Created by Becky Manson, filmmaker & videographer at National Galleries Scotland. Read more

15 July 2022 — Writing

Reflections on deep dive (pause) uncoiling memory

Amanda Catto, Head of Visual Arts at Creative Scotland and Chair of the Scotland + Venice partnership, looks back on her time experiencing this year's presentation by Alberta Whittle at Scotland + Venice Just over 3 months ago I was at La Biennale in Venice supporting the launch of Alberta Whittle’s new commission – the remarkable exhibition deep dive (pause) uncoiling memory. Read more

14 June 2022 — Writing

Three questions with LUX Scotland

Photo of some of the LUX Scotland team stood outside with sandstone buildings in the background.
Photo: by Matthew A Williams of Marcus Jack, Eve Smith, Annie Crabtree, Kitty Anderson & David Upton

As summer takes foot across Scotland and Venice, and memories of spring fade into our individual and collective memory, we're back with the next instalment of our 'Three questions with...' series. In conversation with Kitty Anderson, Director at LUX Scotland, we explore how working with Alberta and the process of co-creation cements a powerful thread of togetherness in deep dive (pause) uncoiling memory. Read more

29 April 2022 — Writing

Three questions with Dovecot Studios

As the world enters into the space that is deep dive (pause) uncoiling memory, we're back from the most triumphant opening week in Venice and enjoying moments of reflection and deep thought on this historic work by Alberta Whittle. Read more

20 April 2022 — Writing

deep dive (pause) uncoiling memory – accompanying writing

An illustration of a hand holding shells in front of a diamond pattern sits alongside a poem by Alberta Whittle, entitled Looking the snare in the eye. It says "I We are falling now. Falling through time, whirling. Dancing, Jack-knifing. And twisting until the chain pulls tight and I cannot breathe. Stop. Listen to your heart. I want you to know you are safe in my deep, even when you didn't dare hope that I would exist (some day), You are safe, even when you looked death in the eye. But now you are ashes beneath the soil, in the sand, in mud, with the worms that wringgle and eat and shit and fuck and WREAK! Retracing steps worn away by time, I look fo refuge in shorelines but find routes no longer open. Instead I see carcasses of wooden ships wreaked and spent on the horizon. Not welcome. No welcome here. Adorning myself in dazzle, I step into the water."
An excerpt from the publication by Alberta Whittle

deep dive (pause) uncoiling memory is an exhibition by artist Alberta Whittle commissioned on the occasion of the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, by the Scotland + Venice partnership. Read more

9 May 2017 — Writing

Welcome to the New Baroque: Reflections on Spite Your Face

Richard Ashrowan, Curator for Scotland + Venice 2017 and Creative Director of Alchemy Film & Arts, offers his personal reflections on Rachel Maclean's new film commission, Spite Your Face. From the bright sunlight of Fondamenta Santa Caterina, a rippling light reflects the water’s surface onto the tranquil surroundings of Cannaregio. Read more